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COLL-0712      Porcelain and Silver Trinket Box

This box has a silver bottom with a domed porcelain top. The bottom looks like it was hand made and has some embossed designs around the sides. The top has about 1/2" of the same embossed design and then the ceramic top is held in place by a silver bezel. The porcelain top has an oriental design in shades of blue, red, yellow, green, and pink. The box measures 3 1/8' x 23/4" and is 1 1/2" high along the sides and about 1 3/4" to the top of the dome. This is a very unique box and certainly looks like one of a kind. I bought this piece as a sterling silver piece, however, it is not marked. It is in excellent condition.


Trinket Box
COLL-0713     Clown Night Light

This night light clown has the look of Lladro and is light grey and white all over. His clown suit has designs and 2 buttons, his dunce cap has a pompom on top and two pompoms on the front. The ruffled collar is tan. His right hand is holding a white card with a bright red heart on it. His left hand is holding 3 white cards and the top one has a black club on it. He is 6 1/2" tall and it is 3 3/4" wide at the base. There is a night light bulb inside and the switch is in line.


Clown Nite Lite
COLL-0714     Boy and Girl Homco Figures

This pair of Homco figures are dressed in two piece winter snow suits and a cap, all with white trim. The boy, dressed in pale blue, is standing next to a small snowman and is holding a Christmas present. The little girl, dressed in pale pink, is holding a "Christmas Bag of Toys" - on the side is a hole with a puppy peering out. The figures are in mint condition and have the crossed swords, #5613 and the Homco label on the bottom.


Boy & Girl
COLL-0715      Homco Angels

Set of six Christmas angels have a string to hand on the tree. The angels are 3" high x 2" wide at the widest point. Each angel is dressed in an offwhite gown, with gold accents on the gown, hair band, shoes, and tips of wings - holding an item: lantern, wreath, present, tree, poinsettia, and bells. The angels are in mint condition - there are no imperfections. Each angel has a homco label on the bottom.


Homco Angels
COLL-0716      Four Porcelain Christmas Plates

Very colorful set of Christmas Plates. There is a Christmas tree in the center of the plate, along with a scene which includes: house, barn, countryside, snowman and two children. Along the edge of the plate is a green border and three red bows with holly. The plates are 10 1/2" in diameter and in mint condition.


Christmas Plates
COLL-0717     Nestle "Premium" from the 60's

A plastic decorator tube which was a premium from the Nestle Compay. It is in the original box with the name and address on it. It was never used - has been in the closet since received.


Nestle Tube
COLL-0719      Christmas Tree Pans and Base

Three tiered pans, size 3", 4 1/2" and 5 1/2" in the original box. The small pan is 2 1/4" deep and the other two are 2" deep. May have been a premium. It is from the 60's and was never used. I have seen pans, but never saw a base included. Also included is a small insert for the "Christmas tree Cake Pan Set" giving decorating ideas and several recipes.


Tree Pans
COLL-0720     Enesco Ladies' High Heel Shoe

Pretty off white high heel shoe with a pink rosette, white lace, small pearls and small pink ribbon decoration on the front. It measures 9" long x 2 1/2" wide x 5" high. The heel is 3" high. It is in perfect condition with no cracks, chips or any marks whatsoever. It has the Enecso sticker on the bottom.


Enesco Shoe
COLL-0721     Art Deco Lady Wall Pocket

Attractive art deco lady is off white in color and is in excellent condition. There are no cracks or chips. There is some small "crackling" throughout the finish. I don't know if that is the way it is or if it is from age. Tt does have one tiny "hole" that looks as if it came from the mold. She measures 9" tall 8" wide and approx. 4" deep. To see the back view Click Here.


Deco Lady
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