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Eyeglass Chains

A Valley Home Shopping Specialty Shoppe

One of a kind eyeglass chains are made of gently used vintage costume jewelry. The only new parts are the end connectors.

We now offer new rubber "ends" that are adjustable for any style glasses from the thinnest metal to heavy plastic. They not only fit all glasses, they hold snuggly without slipping. Also, if you choose, the eyeglass ends can be removed to wear the chain as a necklace.
NOTE: The styles ending in "S" have silver ends, and "G" have gold ends. They can be changed at your request.

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A)31" - cloisonne, glass and gold beads
B)30" - 8MM pearls and clear crystals
C)34" - lavender and pink glass beads  SOLD
D)27 1/2" - pink plastic flower shaped beads  SOLD
E) 33" - 2 11" sections of pastel crystals beads separated by 10" gold cable chain
F)33" - marbleized pastel glass beads - pink, blue, green, lavendar & amber  SOLD

$30.00 each

Gold/Beads Chains
G)29 1/2" - red teardrop, hand painted round bead and misc. gold
H)33 1/2" - brown teardrop, hand painted round bead and misc. gold
I)32" - lavender teardrop, hand painted round bead and misc. gold
J)24" - creamy milk-white glass teardrops and gold
K)28" - green glass beads with small pearls
L)26" - clear crystals (plastic)

$30.00 each

Gold/Beads Chains

These gold chains have gold ends.
M)33 1/2" - Foxtail chain with 10mm & 13mm pearls
N)25 1/2" Various sized (8-15mm) gold beads
O)30" - Oriental flavor here - 3/4" gold cut out cylinders & dark amber cylinders
P)27" - Gold bars and 4 rhinestone balls
Q)26 1/2" - Pale pink pearls with pink foil back balls & tiny gold beads.
R)27" - 7mm to 11mm pearls with gold and crystal accents.

$30.00 each

Gold/Beads Chains

S) 34" -- Gold bars with cut out ovals
T)31" - Curb chain with triple bowlike designs
U)24 1/2" - Thin ridged bars with clusters of tiny pearls
V)31" - Crystal like red, blue and green rounds with clear bars
W)23" - Pearl and green beads
X)25" - 1/2" thin, flat filligree ovals - very dainty

$20.00 each

Gold/Beads Chains
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